It’s 1980, in a small town nestled in the midwest. The only protection from the rest of the world for those who call Herrington home, is the belief that innocence is ageless. For Amy, who wants nothing more than to help a friend, she soon discovers that fate or something more sinister has another plan. The evening begins like most, but quickly takes on a life of its own.


Journey back to a time not so long ago, before cell phones, text messages and social media made themselves available as lifelines to those stumbling upon uncertainty and struggling with fear. One night, one decision, and the life of a high school senior can take a path not expected. Can the strength of a friendship survive the test of a lifetime?


Last Minute Decision-  A new teen fiction book

Last Minute Decision- A new young adult fiction book- Available now on Amazon and Kindle! A tale of friendship and how it can go so wrong.

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